Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Understand Virgo Traits

Virgo, born between September 17th and October 17th, are the sixth sign of the astrological zodiac and are an Earth Sign. The characteristics that a Virgo exhibits is a focus on pragmatism, research and logic. They make extremely good debaters because their points are always carefully thought out and well-researched.

The strength of a Virgo lies in their intense focus, and ability to make careful and systematized decisions in any circumstance. Often a Virgo will have an idea what they want to do, but still explore their options thoroughly before choosing anything.

Virgos like things to be the best: in extreme cases, this can be displayed as obsessive compulsive disorder (don’t rearrange their record collection, or forget to take off your shoes!) In other ways, these characteristics help Virgos excel in research-heavy careers, like a attorney at law, medical doctor or engineer.

Virgo women are educated, logical, methodical and seductive. They are fervently opinioned and undaunted to state how they feel about ideas – but primarily ones they’re insightful on.

The faculty for a Virgo woman to be a acute observer can give her an air of mystery and seduction. But you’re more likely to find her at the library, a town hall meeting, or a bookstand than a loud tavern or nightclub. Virgo women take pleasure in the craft of dialogue and may be irritated at places where they have to shout to be heard.

Don’t mistake the cool mindset of a Virgo woman as being chilly – they are as enthusiastic as any sign of the zodiac, but typically show discipline and prefer to answer life’s problems with reasoning, rather than emotion.

What do Ryan Phillipe, Chris Pine and Ray Charles have in common? They’re all acclaimed Virgo men who display the characteristics and traits of their astrological sign.

Virgo men tend to be disciplined, sober and level-headed. Don’t misunderstand this quality as being a cold person – they simply perform highly logically.

If you met him at a loud bar or concert, most likely he’s not a Virgo. Virgo men, like Virgo women, favor tranquil environments where they don’t have to shout over a crowded room.

Virgo men like everything to be a very specific way, and don’t respond well to interruptions in their natural environment and schedule. However, given the amount of focus and dedication Virgo men spend on establishing a nice environment, expect their lifestyle to be a good one – think good job, stable income and low melodrama.

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